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Contact and Ordering Info

I used to be a Lia Sophia rep and have lots of extra pieces. Looking for anything in particular? Drop me a line and hopefully I can help you out!

To contact me about craft items or candles or website support please e-mail me at:

When asking about craft items or candles, please e-mail the list of
items you are interested in and your zip code.
Shipping available to U.S. addresses only.

I will verify item availability and calculate USPS shipping cost based on your zip code.
The shipping cost is not included in the price shown with the item.

Shipping will be calculated as the least expensive of USPS first-class, priority, or flat-rate priority.
Items light enough to ship at the first-class rate can be shipped at priority rate upon request.

Delivery confirmation, tracking, insurance, etc can also be added by the buyer
based on the current rates from the US Postal Service.
Seller not responsible for items after they have been mailed at the post office.

For payment, I am able to accept a personal check, PayPal or Visa/Mastercard/Discover.
If paying by PayPal, I will generate a payment request to your PayPal account.

I must receive confirmation that you want the items within 3 days of when
I send you the total cost of the items + shipping. Payment must be received
within 7 business days of when you confirm that you want the items unless
prior arrangements are made and agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller.

If payment is not received within 7 business days, the items are subject to being
sold to the next person "in line" who expressed interest in them.

Items paid by check will be held for approximately 5 business days after the check is
received to allow time for depositing and for the check to clear.
Checks that do not clear (even after I wait 5 days) will be subject to the NSF fee charged
to me by my bank and reimbursement will be charged to to the buyer.

Thank you in advance for your understanding about my payment guidelines.
Unfortunately in the past I have had checks bounce and have also held items for people
and they didn't follow-through even after saying that they wanted the items
and/or that payment was being sent.